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Xanax is one of the several generic names by which the drug alprazolam is known. Although an over-the-counter prescription drug, alprazolam is extremely addictive and equally potent. The drug, of the benzodiazepine class, is short-acting and is mainly used for treating severe anxiety disorders and panic attacks. An “extended release” form of the drug, known to last longer, is available as Xanax XR.

Alprazolam has sedative, anticonvulsant and relaxant properties which help to calm a person down. What makes it even more popular is that the drug kicks into action almost immediately after consumption. However, some experts think that the human body adjusts to the effects of the drug very soon and therefore, the drug loses its effectiveness with long-term use.

Doctors recommend small doses of alprazolam for short-term treatment of panic disorder, and that of acute anxiety, together with associated depression, although it has not yet been verified if the drug indeed has antidepressant properties- but even if it does, the drug is a lot weaker medication for treating depression than other antidepressants.

Xanax is marketed in the US in the form of liquids, and tablets, including orally dissolving tablets. The available strengths of Xanax tablets covers a range of 0.25 mg to 2mg. The tablets are approximately the same size as a regular capsule, but are shaped as rectangles, which makes them look like bars. The extended release form is available in a range between 0.5 mg to 3 mg. Apart from “Xanax”, alprazolam is marketed under brand names like Alprax, Alprox, Alzam, Calmax, Novo-Alprazol, and Xanor. The sizes, shapes and colours of alprazolam tablets vary, with the deciding factors being the strength of the particular tablet, and its manufacturer.

Xanax or any other brand of alprazolam needs to be bought with care. If you are buy generic Xanax online then, one has to be careful, since the actual delivery of the drug may be by an unlicensed pharmacy, or the drug may contain impurities that can be potentially dangerous. But some pharmaceutical agency are providing legally and genuine products in reasonable price, with FDA approved.

The maximum dosage of Xanax in a day is 4mg, and that has to be divided into multiple smaller doses. Side effects of Xanax may include allergic reactions, breathing trouble, swelling of body parts, drowsiness, forgetfulness, concentration problems, insomnia, nausea, and even severe effects like seizures, tremors, fainting, and psychological problems like suicidal thoughts, depression, and low perception of danger. Alcohol worsens the effects of the drug.

Alprazolam is frequently misused, and those close to people abusing the drug should keep track of what is happening, since in combination with liqueurs and other drugs (heroin, cocaine, LSD), and if overdosed on, the drug can be lethal.